vendredi 3 octobre 2014

TV programs standart Classification

Method of program classification 

TV programs can be classified in various ways depending on the nature of interest and its contents. Rather than take such a method divided into either the entire program and from decided to pre-classified, classified generally practiced, line in such a manner as to categorize as a classification of a single program that has similar properties to some can be irretrievably often. Result, classification destination or different by those one program or belong to multiple classifications, to classify.

For example, "quiz show to think about the exam questions emanating from the textbooks talent", are those who will be classified as "Variety" by paying attention to the "talent", and paying attention to the "test problems emanating from the textbook" and "youth Some have to be classified as education ", and some have to be classified as" entertainment programs "by paying attention to the" quiz ".

In addition, there is also a program that does not belong on the classification that you previously considered is born. There is that you have decided the item in advance for the purpose of such classification for the audience survey and classification by the Broadcasting Act, the classification, but is necessary to classify the items in the up to now also such programs for this classification sometimes for certain, it is classified in a location that will not come nicely as a result.

The program classification by the Broadcasting Act 

The Broadcasting Act, the program has been classified as "news programs", "entertainment programs", "cultural program" and "educational program." So that, in addition to these, to perform classification in addition to the "advertisement broadcast" and "Other" when based on a broadcast method.

The program classification by Video Research 

In Video Research Ltd. to perform the audience survey, it has been classified as "news," "education, education and practical application", "music", "drama", "anime", "movie", "Sport" and "entertainment programs of other" programs. Such events by viewing rate Best 10 is performed by this classification.

Classification program in the EPG 

In digital broadcasting, standard, you can broadcast it with its classification in the program. This is can be confirmed on the EPG. The standard, "news / news", "sport", "Information / tabloid show", "drama", "music", "Variety", "movie", "animation / special effects", "Documentary / Special Interest", "Theater / Performance" program "hobby / education are classified into broad categories "other" and the accompanying information and "welfare," ", and is classified in the classification of the type 16 on the standard maximum classification within each die further.

The program classification by NAB broadcast standards 

Once, it was classified news programs, political programs, public social programs, religious programs, children's programs, educational programs, entertainment programs to the program in Nihonminkanhosorenmei broadcast standards. Currently, this classification are gone by the amendment.